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The Wordtroll kept talking, even though everybody in attendance made it clear that they weren't listening. Perhaps it was a contest to see who could use the most words to say the least; if so, he won hands down over the few feeble attempts that were made by others.

Perhaps because the whole thing was getting rather tiresome, a Daemon transported the boat to another Dimension, where a few native Beings wandered in to wonder what this strange arrival was all about. Apparently worried about annoying the denizens of this menacing new place, an Overlord brought it back to its home port.

The din continued with no discernible point, until a someone pointed out that it had been interesting to visit another dimension, and perhaps the Daemons and Overlords could make them to visit more. An Overlord suggested that another Ship would be best suited to this purpose, possibly to avoid the embarrassment of showing the resident Wordtroll to the strange new worlds they might visit.

As Noah had followed the instructions of Yahweh so many eons earlier, an elder Daemon set out to build the Ship that had been suggested by the Overlord. He completed his work in short order, the boarding call was issued, and the Wordtroll's boat was quickly abandoned (and then sent to drydock) in favour of the adventure this mighty new Ship promised.

A manifest was drawn up, a dashboard was installed, and later, a Ship's Log was created; all aboard anxiously awaited the start of what was sure to be an epic journey.


Ramakant Pradhan said...

You do have a nice way with words. Its an epic start to an epic journey!!

Just Me said...

Buddy, cant tell you how excited I am to embark on this epic journey through your writings!

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Very few souls will have the ability to decline such a seductive invite. All aboard!

The Book of Drachma said...

As another ship's captain once said, in yet another dimension, "make it so."
I'm really looking forward to this.

flip said...

I like words. And ships. And Daemons.
Let's go.

Ifinder said...

Very philosophical and with epic depths. What ever the subject you touches bottoms as well as go peaks. Thank You for amazing share.

Jimmy Page said...

Love it, your style really flows. Definitely journeying on with this one x